Sunday, November 9, 2008

Contest: Bloody Kiss'mas!

Here are the Giveaway Details and How to Enter:

13 Days of Bloody Kiss'mas

~ Gruesome Goodies To Frighten Your Holidays ~

There will be a total of 13 drawings - One taking place every day starting December 13th through December 25th. One winner will be chosen via a random drawing held each day.

The winner's names' will be posted at above the Bloody Kiss'mas day in which they have won and will be contacted directly by a member of the Bloody Kiss'mas Gang.

This event is open to US and Canadian residents who must be 18 or older - no exceptions

Erotic publications are also included in this event so entrants must agree that they are aware to do accept responsibility that their age statements are true and correct.

Entrants names and email addresses will be kept private and confidential. No further solicitations will be made by any participants of the Bloody Kiss'mas Event, and no names or email addresses will be sold for any other use or purpose.

You need only enter once and your name will continue to be in the drawings each day unless pulled as a winner, then it will be retired from further drawings.

You must send an email to: to enter the Bloody Kiss'mas Event (No entries accepted from myspace) with the following information:

^^Your First and Last Name

^^Your State or Province and Zip Code

^^Statement that you are 18 or older and accept full responsibility that your age statement is true.

^^Your email address

Bloody Good Wishes To You, Our Dear Friends

Listed below is the daily line up:
December 13
Blood Kiss Candle - Candle Artist Jfay, Studio 3B
Ebook - A Fling in Vampiropolis - Author Selena Illyria
December 14
3 Signed Books ~ SUCKS! Book 1 of the DRAQUAL Vampyre Chronicles, CATALYTIC QUOTES, A SLIP TO DIE FOR -
Internationally Best Selling Author, William Maltese
December 15
Vampire Graphic T-Shirt - Author Lex Valentine
December 16
Ebook on Disk - Jaclyn's Ghost - Author Dorlana Vann
Ebook - Destiny's Prerogative - Author Karen Michelle Nutt

December 17

Nippy Christmas Ornament - Artist JM Leotti

December 18
Signed Book - The ABRAXAS Series - Author Cinsearae Santiago
December 19
Vampiric Charmed Beaded Bookmark - Moonlit Beadery
December 20
2 Ebooks - Frights & Delights, and Night Lights - Author Melissa Glisan
December 21
Ebook - Sacrifice - Author Leila Brown
Ebook - A Vampire in Waikiki - Author A.J. Llewellyn
December 22
Blood Vial Gift Set - Vampire Wear
December 23
3 Signed Books - Blood Desires, Blood Claim, Scared Stiff - Author/Publisher Laura Baumbach
December 24
3 Ebook Downloads - Revenge of the Court Jester, Disdain, Caged with the Tiger - Author Kate Hill
December 25
Nippy Christmas Candle - Blue Moon Candles