Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Win A Chance to go Back in Time!

Midsummer’s Eve is a time for lovers. They would clasp hands as they jumped over the fires. It was also a time when magic was most potent, a time when the Otherworld is close.

In honor of Midsummer’s Eve, I’m holding a contest for my new release, “A Twist of Fate,” a time travel romance.

All you need to do is watch A Twist of Fate’s book trailer and answer these two Questions:

Arianna remembers an eerie prediction form the fortuneteller.  What is it?

What secret does Keldon harbor?

You’ll find the book trailer on my website: under New Book Releases.  Click on the icon for A Twist of Fate book trailer to view it.

Email me at :

Your name

The Answers

And your email

Winner will receive a free e-book of A Twist of Fate.  

Winner to be announced on Midsummer’s Day, June 24th.

May a wee bit of magic touch your lives!  Good luck!

Karen Michelle Nutt