Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Object of Romance

From Conger Books Review: Overall Review Rating: 4.5 cups (Estimated print date September 2007)

(Mr. O'Grady's Magic Box is my short story.)

Mr. O’Grady’s Magic Box by Karen Michelle Nutt
When Aubrey Jules, reporter for ‘Unbelievable Finds’ Magazine, is scheduled to interview the owner of a magic box, she knows that somehow there is a hoax, and she is determined to reveal the fraud. She doesn’t believe in wee folk or leprechauns performing magic anywhere, let alone grant wishes to mortal people. However, Mr. O’Grady not only introduces her to the notorious magical hand-carved box, but he also introduces her to his grandson, Ian Quinn… the very guy she had fallen in love with during her teen years. She knows there is no kind of magic that will make her forgive him for having jilted her. No way!

The magic in Karen Michelle Nutt’s, Mr. O’Grady’s Magic Box will have you believing in the wee folk, and how they like to meddle into the affairs of humans, especially when it comes to love. Review Rating: 5 cups

Stolen Pleasures by Christine DeSmet
Iris Beale lives above her touristy Antique & Art Shop and her best friend accuses her of never stepping outside the doors long enough to make a real boyfriend. While gossiping about her “doormat boy friends”, she learns that her latest boy friend has been shot dead. The murder, the stolen oversized portrait of ‘The Lady In Green’, and the burglar breaking into her shop bring her in contact with the new cop in town. But, while she goes undercover to help solve the murder Iris wonders whether Officer Jonathon Sparrow fits outside the ‘doormat’ designation? You’re going to love this string of small town events that lead Iris and her new boyfriend, Officer Sparrow, to uncover the mysteries behind why anyone would want to kill the town’s only insurance agent.

Stolen Pleasures is a charming Cozy Mystery written by Christine DeSmet. Her heroine, Iris Beale is the type of women who works her tourist shop and keeps falling in love with guys her best friend, Maria, calls “doormat men’… except the last one has gone and gotten himself murdered. Review Rating: 5 cups

Summer Breeze by Linda L. Lattimer
Sophia Williams and her mother, Cheryl, together are faced with the spiritual challenge of accepting themselves for who they are. When the soft spoken Scott Duncan enters their lives, he helps them accept their personal handicaps, and leads the way for them to overcome their grief. Summer Breeze is presented in a very unique voice, with often unusual word choices and phraseology. This story will reach out to your heart.

Summer Breeze is written with a unique voice, as Linda L Lattimer spins a summer romance in Florida’s Key West. Both Sophia and her mother, Cheryl, must reach within themselves to find the right path to follow towards inner peace, and an acceptance for being themselves. Review Rating: 4 cups

Life’s Choices by Patricia E. Gett
When Elizabeth Barnes CEO, and half owner of a successful company receives a prestigious award for her efforts, she realizes that her accomplishment doesn’t take the place of a loving relationship. In Patricia E. Gett’s short story, Life’s Choices, her city bred heroine, Elizabeth Barnes, holds her prestigious Accomplishment Award in her hands after years of personal sacrifice and hard work, and suddenly realizes she has no one with whom to share this success. When she retreats to the country to contemplate this absence, Jack Lawson, a well known author nearly runs her over with this bicycle. It is then that Eliz questions whether or not she could successfully mix love and ambition? Review Rating: 4 cups

Double Booked By Courtney Michel
A landscape architect double books a vacation home on The Lake of the Ozarks.